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Web Design Mastery

By Shelley Lowery

Professional web site design made easy -- with hundreds of copy and paste codes.

My Grade: A

What You Get:

The e-book is split up into volumes, including:

Volume 1: Planning Your Web Site

Volume 2: HTML Tutorial (A step by step guide to writing your own HTML)

Volume 3: Advanced Web Design (Step by step tutorials that take you through the entire design process of a sample web page template)

Volume 4: Marketing and Promotion

Volume 5: Webmaster Resources (A reference guide containing links to a variety of Internet resources to assist you)

Volume 6: Webmaster's Reference Charts (HTML, CSS, Color, Symbols, and Troubleshooting)

Volume 7: 101 Design Tips and Tricks

Volume 8: Glossary of Terms

That just about sums it up nicely. You also get a copy of Proven Pricing Secrets, Web Army Knife, and Killer Mini Sites as bonuses with your order.

See more at: http://www.WebDesignMastery.com

What's Great:

Web Design Mastery, by Shelley Lowery Just about everything! ;-)

I really just can’t believe all you get in this book. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a resource that was TRULY all-inclusive. Sure, most products online claim to be, but none are. (I mean, how can any ONE product truly encompass everything on a particular topic?)

But doggonit, if this massive resource didn’t do that, it’s come closer than any Web design resource I’m sure I’ll EVER find on the subject again.

Though each individual topic covered could, of course, be covered in more detail, we didn’t want a 1,000,000 page e-book series! It’s already over 500, I believe. If you need more detail than what’s given on any topic, you just need to search the Web for that specific info. However, with Web Design Mastery, I doubt you’ll need to do that for quite some time.

The 101 tips e-book was to die for. LOTS of easy-to-use, super neat tips and tricks, like how to display your site’s “Last Modified” date, how to hide your affiliate link (exposing the free concept that the “affiliate cloaker” software uses, that’s now all the rage), creating “Backward” and “Forward” history buttons, flashing cursor on form load, replacing the standard “submit” button with an image … and-more-and-more-and-more!

This is just GREAT.

My favorites are volumes 3, 6, and 7. (I’m pretty advanced when it comes to HTML, so I couldn’t use as much of the book as you’ll probably be able to.)

It was really considerate of her to split up this massive book into volumes. They load faster, and it’s easier to get through them when you’re looking for something specific.

Wow! I’m still here looking through one of the volumes of the book, and I just learned how to create a form WITHOUT CGI! Cool, man. I didn’t know that was possible. ;-)

I think Web Design Mastery can teach any Webmaster, from newbie to intermediate/advanced a thing or two about design, at least giving you numerous tricks to make your site do neat stuff. For less than $40, I’d recommend this for anyone except die-hard experts at Web design (i.e. professional Web designers who’ve been doing it for years).

I mean, I’ve been designing sites for years, but that doesn’t mean that all of them have been GOOD sites – you should’ve seen my first ones! – nor does it mean that I’m a “Web designer.”

I’m not.

I’m an Internet marketer who’s been designing her own sites – who’s been learning only the basics for what she needs to do for all those years! That experience has collectively made me into a pretty competent site designer, but there are still several things I don’t know.

Web Design Mastery fills in those gaps.

What Needs Work:

The collection of 101 awesome tips and neat site tricks could’ve been categorized, to make it easier to find stuff you need quickly (especially since no one really thinks to use – or usually knows how to use! – Adobe’s search feature).

Slightly out of date info (keywords tag), which isn’t much used any more by search engines to rank your site.

In one part of her book, it states:

“With each additional click, you’ll lose a percentage of your potential customers.” This is okay and accurate. However, she failed to mention that this loss of prospects could also be viewed as a GOOD thing in some cases, depending on your sales letter setup, business goals, marketing test goals, etc.

For instance, if you created a page with three different topics on it, and track the time your visitor spends on that page, you’ll not only know when they left (the exact page with the exact content), but if you measure the time they SPENT on that page against how long it takes the average user to read the entire page, you’ll know just about the exact point when they left. Then, you can modify your sales copy accordingly, to prevent people from leaving at that point in your sales pitch.]

I don’t particularly agree with all the advice in the book, but that doesn’t make it wrong, nor is it really something that “needs work.”

For instance, Shelley states that to “increase your credibility” you “must completely remove your potential customer’s risk.” But she didn’t mention that you should protect yourself from fraud by using some of the programs that allow you to deactivate a particular customer’s copy of your product if they request a refund, or that you simply CAN’T feasibly offer a complete refund for services in most cases, like consulting, ezine advertising, or website design, for instance.

Also, there’s the issue of screen resolution. She suggests using a standard width of 800x600, if you plan to use a fixed width for your pages. But for my particular sites, for instance, I find that most of my visitors have 1024x768 screen sizes. So, it IS best to *start out* with that width, but definitely study your OWN site’s statistics for the best width to design each one of your websites for.

Finally, my last somewhat minor concern is that, with the stressing of fast loading sites by the author, Lowery’s own main site (Web-Source.net) loads extremely slow itself -- even on my cable connection. :-/ (I think the header section is redundant, eating away at the valuable “first fold” space she has to catch the reader’s attention. The WebDesignMastery.com site also loads kinda slow, and an empty JavaScript alert box pops up at you on entry – I’m sure that’s supposed to have SOME content in it.)

Oh yeah – I lied. I do have one more gripe.

I think the price should be raised substantially – at least to $97 – so that affiliates will get a larger commission!

The 40% commission is okay, but my personal problem is that I don’t endorse such low-priced products to my list any more. I’d rather use the space on a product that nets me over $1,000 from an endorsement, and a commission of $22 just isn’t going to get me there.

I’d love to be able to promote this product hard – it’s *definitely* worth it – but the price and commission amount just doesn’t justify the effort.

The good side of that is, however, that the book offers AMAZING value for a ridiculously low price. Don't let the ludicrously low price sway you into thinking it reflects the book's true value.

That couldn't be further from the truth!

Closing Summary:

My “objections” in this case are mostly all having to do with matters of opinion of the author. That doesn’t make either one of us “wrong” in our opinions – we just view things differently. Honestly, I was searching for things to find flawed in this e-book collection to present the fairest review possible, by revealing both the good AND the bad.

I do feel that the author should be a little more open-minded in her advice, since a lot of people will take it as written “law” in designing their sites. Since there’s more than one “correct” way to design a website, she could try to be a little more open to other options in her advice.

All in all, however, I think this is an EXCELLENT volume of books. It’s phenomenal! I can’t believe all the author gives you for one stupidly-low price. (It’s crazy. I’d be charging *at least $100.00* for this.)

I definitely learned a LOT about the different languages of Web design, and since I design all my own sites, it’s a resource I’ll be referring back to over and over again.

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